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Bigger Pockets PodcastI sat down recently with the CEO and Community Manager of to do a podcast. We ended up having a great conversation about how appraisers do their job, market trends and challenging low appraisals among other issues.

It was a huge honor to do this podcast since BiggerPockets has an enormous online network of real estate investors and professionals with over 100,000 site members. You can listen to the podcast online or via iTunes. Since our conversation is about 50 minutes, it may be helpful to listen on your iPod or maybe tune in while working or driving. Also, in case it’s relevant, I wrote an article on BiggerPockets this week on how to challenge a low appraisal (it includes a rebuttal format you can use and download).

Links for Listening to the Podcast:
BiggerPockets Podcast Online
BiggerPockets on iTunes (Show #7)

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      Thank you. It was my pleasure. I hope it ends up being a good resource for BiggerPockets readers. By the way, I listened to the podcast you did with Chris Guthrie. Good stuff.

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