Our brown grass signs hit the TV screens

My lawn is dead, and now it’s been on TV. I mentioned a few weeks ago how I have been helping my kids make and sell signs to promote water conservation (we have a very severe drought in California). Anyway, Good Day Sacramento showed up to our brown parcel to do a story last week, and Fox 40 and CBS also did a piece recently too. Someone in Texas reached out to me to let me know the CBS story aired there too. Pretty wild, right? This was fun, so I definitely wanted to share. You can watch below and smile with me about our little signs making it to the tube.

Good Day Sacramento story (watch below or here):

The Foreclosure Look or The Conservation Look? I know brown grass isn’t really sexy, and my lawn looks like I’m going through a foreclosure. But the clincher for me to stop watering was driving by Lake Shasta two months ago. My jaw literally dropped after seeing how profoundly low the lake was. Yes, my ego does take a hit because my lawn isn’t perfect, but in this case conservation trumps image for me. In light of the severity of the drought I’ve simply had to redefine what brown grass represents. Instead of thinking of it as ugly “foreclosure lawn”, it’s instead the look of conservation and civic pride as a Californian. I don’t know about you, but when I see images like the one below, I’m alarmed and motivated to act.


CBS Story (watch below or here):

Fox 40 Story (watch below or here):


The Big Point: Whether you like the sign or not, or agree with my decision to “go brown”, I hope you’re encouraged to do all you can to save water inside and outside your home. Please know I’m not judging how others use water either.

Thanks for watching today. This project has been a blast for my family.

Question: What do you think are the best ways to save water for a household?

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    So awesome – and you’re a talented man Ryan! We got so many compliments on our yard sign. It’s clever and bringing smiles to a sad situation. We have screwed up on the water situation, admittedly, but we’re trying to get better. I always make sure to try and collect excess water, but I still have such room for improvement. Great work Ryan and the signs are hilarious (we all know it’s not sexy, but this is serious).

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      Thanks so much Heather. You are too kind. I really appreciate your support. We can all improve, which is what the campaign will hopefully inspire us all to do. Keep going at it!! I hate to see my lawn brown, but it’s been such a source of fantastic conversation with the kids. On a related note, I heard tonight from a family member that the Fox story aired in Southern CA too recently. A couple of friends saw it. How random.


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