Tsunami Hazard Zone: Photos from the Field

I had a little break in life over the past ten days. It was so relaxing to enjoy Huntington Beach in Southern California with the family. Now I am back in action and invigorated to get going for the last bit of 2009.

While spending time at Sunset Beach I snapped the following image. This photo is interesting to me because it’s definitely a “sign of the times” and even ironic in that I wonder if there would be enough time to escape to higher ground if a large earthquake hit. I am curious too how property owners (including prospective owners) feel about this new addition to their beach.


If you are interested to read more about tsunami signs, you can visit the California Department of Transportation website to see different types of signage as well as tsunami sign policies.

How does this sign strike you? What does it make you think of?  Feel free to comment below.

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