Generosity and Red Sox Tickets

This is completely unrelated to real estate, but I wanted to share some incredible news. This morning at church my pastor walked up to me and told me privately that an anonymous person in the community wanted to give me a gift as a way to say thank you for my work in the community. He then proceeded to hand me an envelope with two tickets to a Boston Red Sox game for the first series of the new season versus the world champion rival New York Yankees. I’ll admit that I teared up.

My wife and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary this month and over the past year we’ve been planning a trip to Boston to celebrate in style. Though it’s been a dream of mine for twenty years to go to Fenway Park, tickets were sold out to every game during our stay. We tried to get tickets, but it just didn’t happen, so we gave up. We looked on e-Bay, and we found some for $500 or so, but that was out of our price range.

I was not expecting something like this to drop in my lap today and I am completely speechless that someone would do something like this for us – and without recognition. I feel completely humbled and very well loved by such a generous gift. I am truly and deeply thankful as well as inspired.


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