How I helped my client save $20,000 in property taxes this year

I got some great news recently that the Assessor’s Office in Sacramento County agreed to lower property taxes by roughly 1.5 million on some acreage that one of my clients owns. The detailed appeal I put together for his 2009 property taxes revealed a total value of $340,000, but the Assessor had this parcel assessed at $1,804,053 (just a little bit of a difference, right?). I’m so glad the Assessor agreed with my research. The tax savings for my client is almost $20,000 for the year. 

NOTE: In case you were wondering, there was previously a tear-down structure on the property valued at $53,060 by the Assessor. This structure was removed a couple years ago, so that’s why there is currently no value for it.  

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  1. […] By the way, for anyone who purchased to speculate during the peak years of the market (or even build, but you got caught in the market at the wrong time and could not build out your land), I would suggest checking your property tax bill to ensure you’re paying at levels consistent with today’s market instead of 2005. I helped a client recently lower his assessed land value in Sacramento from over $1,804,000 to $340,000. […]

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