Realtor David Yaffee interviews me about FHA stuff and property taxes

It was an honor to have local Realtor David Yaffee interview me the other day about what appraisers look for during an FHA inspection. We also ended up talking about property taxes a bit too. Thanks David. I really appreciate the opportunity. Keep up the great work and the resourceful videos!!

Check out David’s website at, his post featuring this video, his Facebook page, and his Twitter (@DavidYaffee).

Let me know if you have questions, insight, or any real estate appraisal or property tax consulting needs. If you are a local real estate or loan office in the Sacramento area, I’m happy to come and give my FHA presentation. Contact me at 916.595.3735, on my company website, or on Facebook.


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      Thanks Tom. I appreciate it. I think you’re right. The interesting thing about FHA too is that there are some really interesting real estate situations. I find that some HUD rules don’t easily apply in many situations I encounter. I’m a huge fan of calling HUD to discuss certain situations to get their take and interpretation. It’s not so black and white, huh?


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