Do you need working appliances for an FHA loan?

As an FHA Certified Real Estate Appraiser, I get this question quite a bit from home owners and sometimes real estate agents (well, most agents know the basics here already, but the difference between a slide-in and drop-in stove in the eyes of FHA/HUD is sometimes not known). Watch the video below (or HERE) and let me know what you think. Any questions or insight?

This was shot on a myTouch 4G mobile phone in a cold vacant house with laminate and tile flooring throughout (hence the lower quality on sound).

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      Thanks, Alison. I appreciate it. It was a cold morning that day, so there was no chance of getting good sound with solid floors in a vacant house (though I’m glad to hear it still sounds okay). I appreciate the encouragement.

  1. teri says

    I am wondering if you do not want a dishwasher in an fha house….but there is an opening for it do you have to put one in there? We were flagged on this. we only intend to use the space to put our garbage ans out of the way


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      Hi Teri. If there is space for a certain appliance and it is missing, it should be there. A slide-in stove would not be required according to FHA standards, but a dishwasher should be there. Good luck.

  2. Steve says

    Hi Ryan-
    Great website! Do you know which part of 4150.2 calls for the stove to be present? I called a property with a space for a stove that had the missing appliance on an FHA loan, and am looking for support to back up the requirement.

    Thank you!

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      Hi Steve. Thanks for dropping by. Here is what I could find regarding specific verbiage, though this may not be exactly what you are looking for. A slide-in stove is not required, but only a drop-in per standards (though I’m not certain if that is in writing or not):

      From HUD/FHA:
      Appliances:The Valuation Protocol (page D-26 of Appendix D, Handbook 4150.2) requires the appraiser to note the appliances that are present in the home at the time of inspection and whether the appliance is considered personal property or part of the real estate. The protocol further directs the appraiser to treat non-functioning appliances/equipment as deferred maintenance in the valuation process.

      The manner in which an appliance is attached to the dwelling would determine whether or not an appliance should be considered part of the real estate. In some real estate markets, it may be typical and customary for certain appliances to convey with the real estate. In these situations, those appliances should be considered real estate and treated as such in the valuation of the property.

      In some cases, such as that of REO properties, all or some of the appliances may be missing and there may be damage to the floor, wall or ceiling finish as a result of the removal. Depending upon the magnitude of the damage, the appraiser is expected to treat the damage to the home as deferred maintenance and reflect such in the conclusion of value. Missing appliances must be addressed by the appraiser in the valuation process, particularly when the comparable sales included a full complement of working appliances.

      In cases where appliances are missing and minor repairs may also be needed, lenders are encouraged to have the borrower take advantage of the Streamlined 203(k) loan product, which has no minimum repair cost threshold and is designed to cover such improvements/replacements.

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    Hi Ryan,

    It was good speaking with you yesterday. Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help out a fellow appraiser. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that according to HUD, if the appliances are present, they should be inspected and be in working order. Otherwise, they should be reconciled in the market approach (cost to cure, etc.).

    All the best,


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