Sacramento market update with Steve Ostrom

Steve Ostrom Photo Roseville and Rocklin Real EstateI met up with Realtor Steve Ostrom today to talk about what’s been happening in the Sacramento real estate market. Steve focuses on Roseville and Rocklin, but he also lists properties all over Sacramento. He sits on the Board of Directors at the California Association of Realtors and he really knows his stuff. Steve and I talked about inventory levels, multiple offers, distressed sales, flippers and more. The main question was, “What’s happening in the real estate market?” Watch or listen to our conversation below (or here) to get a glimpse of how the market has felt lately in the Sacramento area.

What do you think? Have you seen something similar? Why do you think inventory has been down?

By the way, this video marks the debut of my beardless look for 2012. I suppose it’s a resolution of sorts, but I decided it was time for my “distinguished” beard color to go away – at least for this year. Since shaving the gray, not one person has said, “Ryan, you really shouldn’t have done that,” so I know it was the right season to let the razor win. I know you don’t come here to hear about my face, but I just wanted to put this out there publicly so there is some internet accountability in case you see a beard creep back into my life this year.  🙂 Anyone make a similar resolution?

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      Thanks so much, Heather. It was great to see you guys today and catch up a bit. I meant to ask Steve his thoughts on kid’s rooms as we were talking about making things less personal for a sale. When preparing a house for sale, do you recommend “depersonalization” to the point where band posters are taken down? In other words, should Bieber and Twilight be removed? (thankfully that’s not even an issue in my house. I’m only curious from the selling perspective).

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        It is all about moderation. A few posters are OK, but too much more and it takes away from the home. And of course, one’s that are not offensive. I like when the posters are framed if they are to be on the wall.

        Thanks Ryan for all your nice words. It is always a pleasure to see you. Keep up the good work. Also you look ten years younger without the beard!

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          I hear you, Steve. So just a few Bieber posters instead of a Bieber shrine. I once inspected a property that had an entire room dedicated to a particular football team with silver and black colors. While that sort of “man cave” might be an incredible selling point to some, it could probably be a turn-off to others who give their loyalty to other colors. Good point. Thanks for everything, Steve.

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    Great interview Ryan. It’s interesting to hear the challenges other markets have. I don’t really think we have an inventory problem here in the Birmingham, AL area but what Steve says makes sense about buyers renting out the house they are wanting to move out of. Keep up the good work.

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      Thanks so much, Tom. I’ll be posting a video soon of Steve interviewing me too. We met up real quick and I shot one of him and he shot one of me. It was a trade. 🙂

      It has been interesting to see the invetory go down. It’s presented some challenges. I have some further thoughts on this to share maybe in the next couple weeks.

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