10 things NOT to do when the appraiser comes over

I’ve written before about how to prepare for an appraisal inspection, but I wanted to revisit the topic from the other side today. Here are 10 things NOT to do when the appraiser comes over.

  1. Walk around the house in your birthday suit.
  2. Let the dogs run loose to lick and bite the appraiser at will.
  3. Lock your doors so the appraiser doesn’t have access to each room.
  4. Watch “adult” movies (this actually happened once…. yikes).
  5. Let the appraiser surprise sleeping house guests. Rise and shine.
  6. Make things as messy as possible.
  7. Refuse to discuss any recent updates to your home.
  8. Follow the appraiser around as much as possible.
  9. Buy lavish gifts in hopes of boosting value.
  10. Don’t make a list of recent improvements.

You know I’m only having fun, and I’m pretty sure you can sift through what I’m saying to understand a bit more how to be ready when an appraiser comes to inspect your property. If not, please read “What should you do before the appraiser comes?” If you have any questions, let me know.

Anything you’d add to the list?

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  1. says

    I think #8 should be #1. I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t know how many times I’ve had to go back out to houses to take another picture because I missed something due to an owner “piggy backing”.

    • says

      I hear you. I typically do my inspection of the house first and then sit down for a chat with the owner. It can be distracting when carrying on a conversation and also trying to be thorough.

  2. Kris says

    Being that I’m not an appraiser, I’m of the opposite opinion. I think #8 should be on the things to do list but within reason. Watching what you do isn’t the same as interfering with the task at hand. I think you can still be efficient and the homeowner can maintain a sense of control and understanding by allowing them to observe. If anything, people should do their homework and learn about what it is that you’re there to do and how you come to your final assessment. Or better yet, give the homeowner material to read during your visit and tell them that you will review the items of import with them after you’ve had to thoroughly inspect the property. Just my 2 cents.

    • says

      Kris, I think you make a tremendous point. I definitely think owners should prepare a list of questions too. Thank you for bringing that up. I think we’re probably saying the same thing ultimately. Ask questions, interact, have conversation, but don’t hover to the point where it feels uncomfortable. We tend to not hover with other professionals who enter homes like plumbers, contractors, landscapers, etc… It’s important to interview and understand, but there comes a point to let the person do their job. That’s all I’m getting at. That may not be very clear from one brief sentence in #8.

      The consumer should ask whatever questions needed and definitely understand what the appraiser is and is not doing. After all, it’s personal to have a stranger enter your home, and it’s a big deal to borrow money too (if the appraisal is for a loan). So the appraiser should certainly be understanding of questions – even if there are many. I would certainly have a number of issues to discuss with an appraiser if I were to be paying money for someone to value my property.

      I’ve found some owners want to chat, which is great, but others do not. I typically have a mini “here’s what I’m going to do” spiel before I begin my inspection. I then take some time to do what I need to do, and then interview the owner after measuring the house and making observations. I try to explain to the owner in advance of my inspection what I will do and the need for a conversation afterward. That’s my preference and a formula I’ve found to work well after inspecting thousands of homes.

      Thanks again Kris. I appreciate your comment. Great reminder to communiate clearly and listen.

  3. says

    I love this Ryan. I am sure you have come across some crazy stuff. I actually have showed homes and was surprised to find someone sleeping in a bedroom. It’s very awkward!

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