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    So true about NOT writing about real estate and your listings all the time. Your audience will be so small if you’re only catering to those “moments” in another person’s life. You want to define yourself as a professional in your field, but the beauty of social media is to create an approachable but also trustworthy and reliable source of information for your field. We shouldn’t fear about exposing small parts of ourselves because inevitably we start attracting better suited clients (IMO). ~ So true about commenting on posts (duh here we are) for those that are creating good content and developing important relationships online. Positive actions always lead to good things. And a commitment to good interaction online with others and good e-skills, do not have to be a time suck. Love this post (and sorry for my long comment). 🙂

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      You could’ve and should’ve written this post, Heather. You really are a great model for using social media in real estate. I learn from watching you. Thanks for your insight and I always appreciate your two cents.

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    I think you are totally right! You must try to give some help to your customers, give them information about different topics they may be interested. If we just focus on our business, publishing the same information we are going to make our clients go.

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    Great post. There are definitely 2 different schools of thought out there when you look at how others use blogs, fb, twitter etc… I agree that the focus should be to provide value and helpful info. In this business the best promotion is helping find solutions to problems for our clients.


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        Seems to be 2 types – the type that is genuinely working to provide helpful valuable info/solutions and then the type that is geared more at self promoting/salesy in nature.

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          Gotcha. I understand completely. One of these types is helpful and the other is not. One builds credibility and trust and the other does not. Kudos to those who are really giving value and providing solutions as you say.

  4. Rachel Massey says

    Hi Ryan, I know this is a late to the game comment, but I really enjoyed reading this post about what to do, and conversely what not to do. Thank you for sharing your insights!

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