Micah’s marvelous flipped modern craftsman

My friend Micah flipped an incredible modern craftsman style house recently. This home is simply stunning (now) and worthy of many Pinterest shares. It may have been designed by Carter Sparks, but I’m not entirely sure (it is on a Carter Sparks website). Whatever the case, I put together a brief “before and after” video for your enjoyment. Thank you Micah Baginski for letting me do this, and thank you also to Realtor Anne Graviet for letting me use some “before” images she had on file. Enjoy the video below (or click here).

Any thoughts? How much do you think it sold for? (located in Fair Oaks)

NOTE: I just purchased a new computer and I’m having issues with my video software. This is why a few images are pixelated and why the quality is lower.

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