Unemployment in Sacramento County is flirting with November 2008

Did you know the current unemployment rate in Sacramento County at 8.3% has not been this low since November 2008? How does that strike you?

Quick Video: Here is a very quick screencast I did to talk about fresh job stats for the United States, California and Sacramento County. Take less than two minutes to watch so you can be in tune with local and national trends. Your brain size will increase, and you’ll also become a more potent resource for your clients. Okay, maybe I can’t guarantee the size of your brain.  🙂

Watch below (or here on YouTube directly).

Here are some graphs from the video (and one bonus graph). Share them in your newsletter or on your blog, Facebook or any other social place. The only thing I ask is you keep the images intact and link back to my blog if possible. Enjoy.

US unemployment April 2013California Unemployement April 2013 Sacramento Unemployement April 2013  CA Sac US April 2013



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    One seasoned investor said to me at lunch the other day… I wonder what those new jobs consist of? Are they career-type jobs, or ones that people are taking out of desperation? Ryan, have you heard of any tools that measure this or sift out this kind of data?

    • says

      I’ve heard similar talk and I think there’s something to that. However, at the same time we do need both types of jobs. EDD posts stats from various industries. I would love to see some deeper analysis. Thanks Keith. Great blog post today too.

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