5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Real Estate Community

Have you ever dropped the ball on one of your New Year’s goals? We’ve all been there. That’s why I want to suggest some goals that are actually highly attainable. Here are some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions for the real estate community. I see these things all the time, so I thought it would be worth mentioning. By the way, I’m a humble guy and this is coming from a good place. Let’s improve in big and small ways to find profound success this year.

  1. abbreviation for Carbon-Monoxide-Detector - by sacramento appraiser blogAbbreviate Carbon Monoxide Detector Correctly: If you didn’t know, carbon monoxide detector is shortened to CO – not CO2. If you want some clever ways to remember that, check out 5 Ways to Remember Carbon Monoxide is “CO” instead of “CO2″.
  2. Pronounce “REALTOR” Correctly: I am not a grammar snob by any stretch, but I wanted to point out a common error. REALTOR is often pronounced as “REAL-A-TOR” even though there is actually no extra “A” in there. It is correctly pronounced as “REAL-TOR”.
  3. share-posts-on-social-mediaMore Listening on Social Media: The online sins of the real estate community are overselling and self-promotion, so listening to conversations and a focus on building relationships on social platforms is definitely something relevant. Join the conversation by asking questions, being personable and sharing helpful information rather than overly promoting your products.
  4. Step off the Toxic Platform for Appraisers or Agents: There is often enmity between appraisers and real estate agents – as if they are mortal enemies. Part of this is understandable because both parties are doing different jobs for the same transaction, but it crosses the line when either party speaks from a platform of hostility toward the other group. I hear agents bash appraisers and talk about them like they are village idiots. Likewise, I hear appraisers talk about real estate agents like they are uneducated morons. This is not professional – especially in a public forum. We can do better. Yes, there are issues with low appraisals as well as subpar agents, which means there is a place to complain. However, when complaining becomes a shtick or lifestyle, that’s not a fun place to live. If you find yourself continually ranting about appraisers or agents, it may be worth finding ways to step off that toxic platform and avoid being a perpetual complainer. Besides, it’s good for life and business to be positive.
  5. Other: What resolution would you suggest for the real estate community? Comment below.

I hope this year is unfolding well for you so far. Happy New  Year!!

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  1. says

    Good post, thanks. Like you I imagine our appraisal of sales is given top priority and care. Having been a Realtor many moons ago, I know how to pronounce it. Here in Yolo county we have a problem with some agents that either won’t or don’t know they can get the property information from the assessor for $5 dollars. Realist doesn’t show any living area etc. So a big percentage of the Yolo listings have erroneous or no living area. That leaves me with the cost getting the correct living area for those comparable sales. Local Realtors don’t do this, and I respectfully ask listing agents to call the assessor and get the correct information.

    • says

      Thanks Christopher. I hear you on that problem in Yolo County. I have an appraiser that came across my desk this morning in Yolo, and I anticipate that very issue coming up. Accurate information helps everyone.

  2. edgar sanchez says

    Ryan, thank you for this post. One of my pet peeves is when people say
    REAL-A-TOR. I am a REALTOR not a REAL-A-TOR.

  3. says

    Ryan, LOVE your new site theme…looks very sharp! Thanks so much for the tips on working with Appraisers in 2014 and on the are of “Listening” on social media. Appreciate ALL you do for us. Bill

    • says

      Thanks so much Bill. I’m still tweaking some things and even considering a new theme. I appreciate it. Right back at you. Thank you for communicating so regularly with appraisers. It’s a dangerous profession for appraisers who are isolated from others. That’s no way to work or interpret the market either.

  4. says

    I hope my area becomes better at #3. Most of what I see agents doing on social media is just posting listings, “this day in history”, or celebrity birthdays. I would like to see more of what you write about so that we can all offer more value to each other.

    • says

      Offering more value is the key. You hit the nail on the head Tom. I would love to see more of that too. The great thing is that can look different for everyone. We have to be ourselves and show personality too rather than apply some formula that a guru told us to do at a real estate conference.

  5. says

    I also wish people would say REAL-TOR properly! I had to chuckle at that one. I am going to try to listen more on social media rather than delivering a monologue. I also would like to see better photos of real estate when it goes on the market. Those small and fuzzy photos taken on a cell phone just don’t do the job.

    • says

      Thanks Greg. Good for you to listen more. I can always do that myself. It’s easy to get into a broadcasting mode, but asking questions can go a long way. I know when I decide to follow someone or not on social media I always look to see what they are posting. If it’s on Twitter, and there are no replies, it’s an easy choice for me. Agreed on the photos. Preach it brother. 🙂

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