Answers from Search Engine Inquiries Yesterday

I have a stats program that enables me to see how people get to this website through search engines. Since I get to see some of what people are searching for, I make it a point to answer questions that others are asking, and I try to give a bit more information than what I have previously posted. There are way too many inquiries to respond to each one, but I hope the information below is helpful for you. 

Search:  “Anatolia Rancho Cordova Vacant Lots”

There are indeed vacant lots in Anatolia. Like many construction sites, local builders in the Sacramento Region have halted future building until the market rebounds. There are still patches of new construction though in pockets of the Greater Sacramento Region, but the pace of construction is very slow compared to the rapid building five years ago. I happened to snap a shot of a vacant site in Anatolia last week while in the field and I’ll share it here. How convenient!!! I am glad to connect you with a local Broker or Agent if you are interested in purchasing a lot or group of lots.

Vacant Lot Anatolia Rancho Cordova June 2009

Search:  “How to obtain appraised value of property”

That’s a good question and the answer depends upon what type of property you are considering. Are you talking about personal property or real estate? I don’t handle personal property (though the Antiques Road Show is fun), but if you are interested in obtaining a valuation for your real estate, give me a call at 916-595-3735. You can also order online if that is convenient for you.

Search:  “How does unemployment affect the economy”

I track unemployment trends on a regular basis. Firstly, I would recommend for you to take a look at the Employment Develompent Department website to gain a sense of some of the most recent data. This comes in very handy if you are looking for information on a particular city in Sacramento County (or Solano, Placer, Yolo…) or even a Census-Designated Place like Gold River or Foothill Farms.

I am not an economist, but there is a basic principle at work here. If more people are losing their jobs, there will be more people not able to afford to purchase products in the marketplace (or afford their mortgage payments eventually). The natural progression of an increasing unemployment rate logically concludes in a more distressed marketplace with less revenue for businesses and a very likely increase in foreclosure properties unless there is some sort of legislation, government interference or act of God.

Search:  “Independence at Mather”

I won’t re-hash an entire description on the Mather subdivision referred to as “Independence at Mather” because previous blog posts will do the trick for you very well. In case any veterans who were stationed once at Mather Air Base would like to see what their former barracks now look like, take a glimpse at the images below. It’s a long way from what it used to be, huh? Veterans, thank you for your service to our country.

Independece at Mather Subdivision Sign 

Indpendece at Mather

Independence at Mather 2

Well, that was sort of a shotgun approach to giving insight on a few search engine inquiries. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I am always willing to help when I can. Answers from Search Engine Inquiries Yesterday

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