What information should you be prepared to give the appraiser?

If an appraiser is coming over, it’s usually because something big is happening. Maybe it’s a refinance, purchase, divorce, bankruptcy or estate settlement situation. Whatever the case, it’s important to be prepared to offer detailed information to the appraiser where possible. After all, knowing more about a property and having a deeper perspective on the neighborhood can play a huge role in the appraised value.

A RESOURCE FOR YOU: I’ve included some snapshots below of a downloadable basic information sheet I developed for home owners and real estate agents to give to appraisers. The download consists of the three pages you see below, and you can DOWNLOAD HERE for free as a PDF or WORD document.

Download this format by clicking "DOWNLOAD" above.

Download this format by clicking "DOWNLOAD" above.

Download this format by clicking "DOWNLOAD" above.

I hope this ends up being helpful for you or your clients. I included a WORD document in case you need to edit the form to your liking. As a further resource, check out an article about sharing comps with an appraiser as well as 10 things NOT to do when the appraiser comes over.  🙂

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      Thanks so much Heather. I appreciate it. I do hope people download the form and use it. Of course there is no reason to reinvent the wheel though if others have a system that is working. This market mandates more work though when it comes to communicating with appraisers. That’s just how it is.

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